Kinetic waves

Relax. Rejuvenate. Restore.

Integrated Bodywork

Reeducating chronically tight muscles so that you can be free from pain and stress.

Reiki Classes Available

Reiki is an ancient Japanese technique of boosting Chi (life force energy). This gentle, non-invasive technique helps to accelerate healing, release stress and improving immune function in the body

All of our products used are from our All Natural, Aromatherapy and Gluten free skin care line.

Conditions Treated

Inflexible and restricted muscles and joints. Stress, poor posture, sports injuries, repetitive dysfunction and more. 


Learn to diffuse trauma and FREE YOUR POTENTIAL

Natural Face Lift

Toning and lifting the facial muscles for a more radiant and youthful appearance.

Hours of operation 10AM - 6PM Tuesday-Saturday, 

​​​​​Day Spa


By the beautiful,  picturesque Town of Tiburon our services use nurturing therapies to heal and alleviate stress to restore your health and revive your spirit.

Holistic Approach


The whole person and anatomy of movement must be considered before treatment in order to get  to the root cause of pain. Only then can you alleviate dysfunction and start the healing process.