Hours of operation 10AM - 6PM Tuesday-Saturday, 

Level 1 Class $250
Here you will learn the basic concepts of this energy healing class. Demystify the language of energy healing to a very practical method that you can understand, learn and apply to yourself. In doing so you will get in touch with your intuitive abilities.

Level 2 Class $350

In this class you will deepen your understanding of the healing arts, learning the method of healing from a distance. You will also fine tune your ability to heal others and grow as a natural healer. Learn new tools to add on this fun and exciting path.

Level 3/Mastership $1000

This level takes you to that of being a teacher in this field. Learn how you too can teach others to practice this wonderful craft and watch yourself grow as a healer.

It is useful to know the lineage of your Reiki Line.

Here is mine;

Mikao Usui  (Reiki Founder) -  Japan

Dr. Hayashi -  Japan

Mrs. Takata -   Hawaii

Bethel Phaigh -  USA

William Lee Rand -  USA William

How -   Singapore

Gerry Low -   Singapore

Caroline Thibeaux - Singapore / USA ​

I am grateful to those before me who have chosen to carry on the tradition of Reiki with the honor and dedication that they have shown. And I hope to honor them with my teaching.

Caroline Thibeaux

​Reiki is an ancient Japanese technique of boosting Chi (life force energy). This gentle, non-invasive technique helps to accelerate healing, release stress and improving immune function in the body.  Wounds, sprains heal much more quickly with reiki treatments. It can also reduce pain, balance blood pressure and increase one’s vitality. Clients report feeling calmer, more centered and better able to handle the challenges of life when receiving regular reiki treatments. ​Reiki heals not only on a physical plain but also at the emotional and mental level. In this way Reiki is able to heal not only the physical body but also the psychological aspect that we sometimes push aside or take for granted. It is a true holistic approach that treats the individual as a whole person. It allows you to connect with your inner most being or higher self. It is only when we are in touch with ourselves that we are able to be all that we can be, to reach our full growth potential. 

Reiki Classes
​Reiki can be a wonderful emergency, first-aid kit to have on hand. When you learn this amazing procedure, you enhance your own ability to heal, not only yourself and others but also enhance the energy in your food, water and also your pets. You can help relieve your own aches and pain as well as give yourself a boost whenever you need one.  ​

Classes are located in the the picturesque town of Tiburon California, Inside the famous Tiburon Lodge Hotel. Complimentary coffee will be available. Lunch will be available in the dinning area. Type your paragraph here.

​​​​​Day Spa

Kinetic waves

Classes will be held at 
The Lodge In Tiburon
1651 Tiburon Blvd
​9am to 5 pm
registration: 8:30am
1 hour break for lunch
Complimentary Coffee

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