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Hours of operation 10AM - 6PM Tuesday-Saturday, 


Kinetic Waves  Day Spa

​​​​​Day Spa

We have chosen bodywork that is non invasive, intuitively working with the client’s needs.  ​Our choice of treatments include massage and energy work to treat the body and relieve stress, EFT/NLP to empower our clients, facials to improve, lift and tone the skin using a skin care line made from natural and organic and gluten free ingredients.

Belavi Natural Face Lift

A Belavi treatment promotes a healthy and youthful appearance. With regular treatments, this luxurious face treatment encourages the facial muscles to stay toned, giving the skin a smooth, glowing look naturally. It firms sagging and aging skin effectively allowing you to retain a youthful appearance.  It is also great as a pick me up for a special occasion when you want to look your best. It is a treatment you will relish during and after

1 session - $130.00 /

Skin Refining Spa Facial

​This treatment includes a facial massage that will de-stress and relax you while toning your face. Using Aromatherapy to balance and purify your skin with our natural and organic skin care line, you won’t soon forget this pampering treatment which includes a luxurious foot scrub to help. Your complexion will look softer, healthier with a natural radiance you will love. 

60 min - $120.00

Zen Retreat
For those moments when life's challenges get the better of you, this treatment gives you a trip to total relaxation and serenity.  A restorative massage infuses soothing aromatherapy to help unwind and ease your spine and muscles. As your body and spirit sinks into bliss, a customized facial helps to cleanse and lift impurities away from your face, improving skin tone, revealing your inner radiance. A revitalizing mask softens your skin and raises your vibration opening your heart chakra, calming both your mind and body. To finish this treatment balancing points on your face and head will be activated energetically completed by a Reiki scalp massage to help you experience true zen.
90 min - $190.00

​Get rid of unwanted habits and phobias with this toolbox of gentle practices to bring out the best in you. You will learn how to enhance positive qualities while releasing habits that hold you back. These techniques are gentle and effective and can be used anywhere and anytime. 
​​60 min - $120.00 / 90 min - $160.00    

Reiki                                                                                                           Click Here for Reiki Classes
This ancient Japanese technique replenishes the Chi ( life energy) in the body. After a session you may feel calmer, more centered and able to take on the challenges that may come your way without stress. It also accelerates the natural healing abilities of the body. Wounds and sprains heal more quickly with Reiki. The ancient monks practiced this for good reason. 
60 min - $120.00 / 90 min - $160.00

Cranio Sacral Therapy ​

This gentle adjustment quietly unwinds the restrictions around the spine and muscles helping to soothe the nervous system and relax the body. It helps to alleviate any spinal restrictions, subluxation, herniated or compressed discs, headaches, TMJD and much more. In doing so it is additionally helpful for relieving stress. Our clients report feeling calmer and balanced after a session.

60 min - $120.00 / 90 min - $160.00

Therapeutic Massage
​For relief of pain, stress, jet lag, arthritic conditions, fibromyalgia, this integrative massage adjusts your specific needs. By combining eastern and western therapies we will soothe away stiff, strained muscles and joints, increasing mobility, circulation and lymph flow bringing back a healthy tone to your body.

60 min - $120.00 / 90 min - $160.00

Vibrational Healing Massage
This healing therapy is a gentle, way of getting your muscles to lengthen and unwind and in doing so release the mental tension throughout the whole body and mind. It can be done with clothes on or off. Tight shoulders melt and soften with this treatment allowing your breath to fill your body and relax. The whole body is worked from head, neck to the toes allowing the tension to drain away.
60 min - $120.00 / 90 min - $160.00

Rehabilitating Foot Massage
Do you know how many bones are in the human feet. About 25 percent of the total skeleton. All these bones, ligaments, joints, muscles crammed everyday into your shoes, pounding its way on hard concrete surfaces. The rehabilitating foot massage works on all these bones, ligaments and muscles, kneading, softening and unwinding all the built up tension from being on your feet all day. It not only pampers but revitalizes your feet, allowing blood flow and oxygen to nourish and relive those tight joints and muscles. In doing so it gives a boost to the whole body.  When was the last time you said thank you to your feet?
60 min - $120.00 / 90 min - $160.00